🌟Discover the Timeless Beauty of Basket Range Sandstone Quarry Face! 🌟

Are you in search of an exquisite, natural stone that adds character and charm to your architectural and landscaping projects? Look no further than Basket Range Sandstone—your gateway to authentic South Australian sandstone.

🏡 Solid Building Stone:

  • Our Basket Range Sandstone supplies building stone that harmonizes seamlessly with existing Adelaide Hills homes. Whether you’re renovating or adding an extension, our product’s characteristics match those of historical quarries, making it the perfect choice for timeless elegance.
  • Plus, did you know that sandstone boasts a lower embodied energy than most other building materials? It’s eco-friendly and contributes to a smaller carbon footprint for your home. The high thermal inertia keeps you cozy in winter and cool in summer, reducing energy costs.

Quarry Face Sandstone:

  • As the flagship of our range, Quarry Face has been one of our most popular products because it can create an “old world” cottage feel, without the hard work of having to shape the rough stone.
  • Our Quarry Face sandstone is a naturally formed, flat-faced stone, boasting an array of captivating textures and colors. These variations arise from water flowing through natural fractures, leaving trace mineral deposits that oxidize into rich reds, browns, and blacks.
  • Available in random lengths, our coarse-grained sandstone captures the essence of the Adelaide Hills. From light sandy tones to deep browns and blacks, it’s a canvas waiting for your creative touch.

📍 Visit Us Today:

  • Explore our range of sandstone products directly extracted from our quarry in the majestic Adelaide Hills (just 30 minutes from the CBD).
  • Proudly South Australian-owned and operated, we invite you to experience the allure of Basket Range Sandstone.

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