Unveiling of the Maddern Stone Challenge

Unveiled at the 2023 Uraidla and Summertown Country Show was the world’s first release of the Maddern Stone Challenge in partnership with The Uraidla Hotel and SA Strong Fit.

The Maddern Stones, crafted by Adelaide Hills Sandstone, symbolise Ben Maddern’s unparalleled grip strength and his lasting impact on the state’s strength community. The stones have been extracted from the earth by Adelaide Hills Sandstone and the beautiful hand-sculpted handles were created by our Quarry Manager Cliff.

The Maddern Challenge was created with South Australia’s first professional Strongman, Ben Maddern in mind. Ben built the Sport of Strongman in South Australia, from lifting weights in gyms to showcasing Strongman at events and setting the standard for all strength athletes to be measured by.

Jordan “Biggie” Stephenson mastered the first attempt at the 2023 Uraidla and Summertown Country Show. The stones will be permanently placed at the Uraidla Hotel for people to test their strength.

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