South Australian sandstone from the majestic Adelaide Hills

Our natural South Australian sandstone products are extracted directly from our Basket Range and Carey Gully quarries, situated in the heart of the Adelaide Hills.

Basket Range Sandstone Random Wallers
Carey Gully Sandstone Two Man Wallers and Bigger

Across Carey Gully and Basket Range Sandstone, we have a full range of sandstone products to suit anyone’s needs, ranging from clean fill to retaining walls and sandstone blocks for building houses.

Sandstone colours and textures vary throughout the quarry and can yield a hard, tight-grained stone through to a coarser, softer version. Colours can vary from pale pink to grey/black, but predominantly the stone has sandy, gold and light brown hues. This wide range makes matching existing buildings possible and can provide the right colouring to satisfy many landscaping concepts.

All Basket Range and Carey Gully products are 100% Australian-owned and made.



Civil and Landscaping