Basket Range quarries commenced operations over a century ago, and we continue this tradition whilst being only 30 minutes from Adelaide.

In 2014, Carey Gully quarry was added to the business and we work in conjunction to provide the most diverse range of South Australian sandstone. Since taking over Carey Gully quarry, we have been upgrading old dilapidated machinery.  A new excavator, loader and telehandler have been acquired to move, sort and weigh the different types of stone found at this quarry.

In 2022, we have amalgamated these two iconic quarries into one overarching umbrella, becoming Adelaide Hills Sandstone.

Sandstone has been widely used for buildings in Adelaide. Many examples of this can be seen in cottages, bungalows and other building types throughout Adelaide and is particularly prevalent in the older established suburbs.

Due to the recent resurgence of landscaping trends the potential for use of Adelaide Hills Sandstone in this area is again being extensively explored.

Whether your garden style is formal, contemporary, rustic, or cottage Adelaide Hills Sandstone is a perfect companion due to it’s earthy, natural colours and will suite any landscape style.