New Stonemason Added – Set In Stone Masonry

We are pleased to welcome our latest addition to the website Set In Stone Masonry, Robert Elphick.

An excerpt from his website

He is a fully qualified Residential Heritage Stonemason with over 10 years of experience working on local and state heritage-listed buildings such as residential premises, churches, pubs and libraries dating back to the early 1800s.

He specialises in Residential homes and can provide the following services:

– Reviving the charm of homes with traditional lime mortar repoints, capturing historical authenticity.

– Addressing salt damp issues to fortify the strength of homes and prevent future damage.

– Ensuring structural integrity by removing damaging cement mortar and renders to safeguard the stonework of buildings.

– Elevating appearance and protection through limewash finishes that honour tradition beautifully.

– Enhancing chimneys’ functionality and aesthetics with adept repairs.

– Safeguarding the historical significance of properties through cellar restoration.

– Showcasing versatile craftsmanship with precise stone laying and whole house repoints.

– Offering hand-carved stone work in historical styles like hen-pecked, bush-hammered, and rock-faced.

– Providing paint stripping services, removing multiple layers of acrylic-based paints from stonework.

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