Basket Range Sandstone, a natural South Australian treasure, emerges from a picturesque quarry nestled in the majestic Adelaide Hills, just 30 minutes away from the bustling CBD. Let’s delve into the captivating world of this remarkable stone:

Solid Building Stone:

  • Basket Range Sandstone supplies building stone that harmoniously complements existing Adelaide sandstone homes. Its characteristics resonate with those of many closed Adelaide Hills quarries, making it an ideal match for renovations and additions.
  • Styles and finishes abound: from the timeless henpecked finish to traditional hewn blocks and rugged rockface textures. Keep in mind that, like all natural materials, Basket Range Sandstone exhibits delightful variations in colour, texture, and composition.
  • Notably, sandstone boasts a lower embodied energy than most other building products, second only to wood and mud bricks. Choosing locally produced stone minimizes carbon miles, reducing your home’s environmental footprint. Plus, its high thermal inertia keeps you cozy in winter and cool in summer, alongside quality insulation.

Landscaping Stone:

  • Beyond buildings, Basket Range Sandstone plays a starring role in landscaping projects. Its hues span from light grey and orange, with sandy, golden, and light brown tones dominating.
  • Whether you’re constructing retaining walls, outdoor feature walls, pizza ovens, or stairs, this versatile stone delivers. The variability in colour allows seamless integration with existing structures and satisfies diverse landscaping visions.
  • From smaller fist-sized stones (perfect for gabion baskets) to massive boulders, Basket Range Sandstone caters to every need. Imagine stepping stones, sturdy retaining walls, and pathways adorned with this natural beauty.

In summary, Basket Range Sandstone weaves a tale of timeless elegance, environmental consciousness, and creative possibilities. Whether you’re building, renovating, or landscaping, this South Australian gem stands ready to enhance your surroundings. 🏡🌿

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