Basket Range and Carey Gully Sandstone Rebrand

Basket Range and Carey Gully Sandstone are proud to announce an amalgamation of branding to the newly named – Adelaide Hills Sandstone – The heart of the Hills.

As we look to the future, expanding the production of sandstone in the Adelaide Hills we aim to encompass our name, the community, and the environment that we are so passionate about. 

All the good bits of the old quarries will still be around, and the individual quarry stone will still be identified. We look forward to providing you with the same friendly service and the two-thousand-five hundred million-year-old rock from the Proterozoic Era hasn’t changed at all!

We continue to provide superb dimension stone for your more formal projects and natural rocks for your landscaping and playspace needs. By utilizing new technologies and streamlining our operations we aim to provide the best experience and product to our customers.

With new and exciting products on the horizon like tumbled cobblestones, river rocks, river pebbles, gravels and sands, we will be able to provide new interesting alternatives for your projects. We are also in the process of creating fusion products like Carey Gully Sawn Wallers, and Carey Gully Split Face blocks.

You can let your imagination can run wild with water features, sculptures, and natural bollards to name but a few. These will add a distinct and natural edge to your projects at the same time as reducing your carbon footprint by utilising stone sourced from a community-minded local company.

To connect, or keep updated with what we are doing, you can follow us on social media (use the links below), click here for our website or call us on (08) 8390 3420 to discuss your next bespoke project.

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Basket Range
 262 Basket Range Rd, Basket Range
Carey Gully
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Phone: (08) 8390 3420
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Did you know, stone takes approximately 600% less energy to produce than bricks or concrete, both of which need firing before they can be used.

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