Basket Range Sandstone has been supplying the South Australian market with quality building stone for over 100 years. Many of the sandstone houses in Adelaide have been built with our stone. All our stone is extracted from our quarry based in the Adelaide Hills. see map.

We are a family owned company employing local people to cut and shape South Australian sandstone.

Reasons to build with stone

Step 1: Choose a finish

Basket Range Sandstone has many different finishes (Honed, Quarry or Rock face), all of which can be seen here. In addition to these, we can also match most existing sandstone finishes, whether you are looking to extend or adding a fence to match your house.

Standard Sizing


Our blocks are produced at 110mm and supplied in three different sizes to match standard 76mm brick coursing (248mm – three bricks high + 2 mortar joints, 162mm – two bricks high + 1 mortar joint and 76mm – one brick high), and then cut to random lengths.

Step 2: Choose a laying pattern

Once you have decided on a finish it is time to choose a laying pattern. The random ashlar pattern is used for a more classical stone home feel, whereas the stretcher bond pattern is used for a more modern feel.

Random Ashlar Pattern
Random Ashlar Pattern
Stretcher Bond Pattern
Stretcher Bond Pattern
Honed Stretcher Bond Pattern

Step 4: Builder/Stonemason

When building a house using stone it is important to have the right builder/stonemason to do the job. Please have a look at our list of builders and stonemasons for some suggestions.